Wednesday, June 15, 2011

eBook Marketing Through Education

I am a member of the education team for the eBook.  Each classmate was asked to find 20 people to advertise our eBook too.  That was slightly overwhelming.  I knew I had a few family members and friends that were interested in the eBook so I sent the invitation to them.  I also have good relationships with a number of past teachers, so I sent invitations to those where an invitation would be applicable.  After those, I still had a ways to go until I would reach 20 invites.  Since I was on the education team, I wanted to aim my invitations towards that audience.  I tried to join a forum about Jane Eyre to find people, but I am still waiting on finding out if my membership was activated.  Then, I remembered Twitter Search...

Can I just say that I now have a love of Twitter Search.  Through the use of the keywords "education technology," I was able to find a treasure trove of people researching and interested in the same things that are class was interested in.  Not only did I view what they had been researching and send them invitations to our eBook and webinar, but I followed them on Twitter.  Even after this class is over, I am excited to keep in touch with the news of how technology is impacting the learning experience.

Dr. Burton had mentioned creating a list of these people on my Twitter account.  Here is the list; maybe it might come in handy for some other researcher in the future.
Not only that, but one of those that I followed, returned the favor.  Lorri Wyndham is passionate about educational change, and I am hoping to learn more from her in the future.  

I also posted on my Facebook and Twitter profiles, in general, to let more people know about our eBook.  I think using the hash tag #edutech will also help to attract those interested in our topic.

I have found that Twitter is such a useful tool for finding relevant information, which is part of what this class has been about.  I was able to find others through whom I can continue learning about educational technology.

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