Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Education and Technology Audience

I have been focusing on finding people who have established themselves online as people interested in the use of technology in education, as part of the education team.  Twitter Search has been an extremely useful tool in accomplishing this goal.  Many users of this type have links that go back to their school website profile page when they are educators or their own personal blog or website, a useful hub linking other people to their collected thoughts.

These hubs have inspired me into considering making a hub page leading to my other online sites, in order to better establish my online presence.

I am hoping that my invitations will entice at least a few invitees to attend our webinar or/and explore our e-book.  The people I have chosen to invite seem like good candidates for our e-book, and I am hoping they might check out the webinar in order to learn more about our e-book.

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