Thursday, June 2, 2011

Social Connections

Here I am trying to piece together my writing, which is not complete yet.  I thought I would mention a little bit about the conversations that I have had today concerning my class's e-book project.

While leafing through my book, Jane Eyre, my co-worker asked why I was reading the book.  When I explained the idea, she was intrigued that we were creating an e-book as a class.  Later at work, one of the guys that works in the building was asking about my classes.  When I explained the ideas and goals behind my Writing  Literary Criticism in the Digital Age class, he was really interested.  I went on to explain our e-book project.  When I told Gary that my book was Jane Eyre, he said that he had never read the book, but was curious as to how I would relate it to literature and teaching in the digital age.  I too was still debating how at this time, and am still trying to tie up the details, but I told him I would figure it out and get back to him.
My roommate and I got on the topic of audiobooks, and their roles both for entertainment and academic purposes.  We both discussed and agreed upon the irreplaceable value of the physical book format.  I am also planning on asking her, an English Education major, about her feelings of technology in the classroom and with literature.

I also realized another great source of information today, my sister.  Natalie is a middle school teacher in my home town.  Although she was academically trained for her undergraduate degree to teach two subjects that she loves, P.E. and Health, many of her hours in the classroom are spent teaching other subjects as well, such as computer classes and math skills.  I had her for my health, computer applications, and keyboarding teacher in the seventh and eighth grades.  Because of these other aspects of her teaching, she just got her master's degree, focusing on studying the value of technology in the classroom.  I have asked her to share her opinion with me on the subject of my chapter, and I am eagerly awaiting her response.

I have also asked my high school librarian and two of my high school English teachers for their input on the subject.  Hopefully, at least one of them will respond.  I am sure their feelings about the topic will be very enlightening since each of them have many years in an educational setting.

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