Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Technological View From the Library

While trying to establish my argument for my e-book chapter, I decided to enlist the knowledge of teachers and educators from my schooling.  I talked with my sister who sent me information, wrote two of my past English teachers, and messaged the woman who was my librarian throughout elementary and middle school and became the high school librarian my sophomore year of high school.  I value Mrs. Waltman's opinion on books.  She has recommended books to me throughout the years and encouraged my love of reading.  The summer after I graduated I was briefly involved in a book club that Mrs. Waltman had started for her high school students.  One way in which she made a deeper discussion possible for our book club was by starting a blog, which allowed the members to discuss parts of the book as they read.  Some of the members (myself included) were not as diligent as we should have been to utilize this useful tool for our learning experience.  If we would have thrown ourselves into the online discussion group, I am sure that our discussion would have been more complete and enlightening.

Just like how forums can encourage and deepen the level of discussion experienced while reading, blogs and other digital tools are available for readers around the world to connect with one another and share their ideas.  Mrs. Waltman  said, "Most avid readers still like the feel of a book in their hands to read but are also willing to use technology."  Now, as scholars, we must decide if we are willing to trust in the power of the world of social technology.  I feel that allowing technology to play its role in the learning process will allow readers to reach a deeper intellectual level than ever before in the understanding of the ideas they are consuming.

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