Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clubs? Communities? Where Do People Discuss E-Books?

Wattpad- an e-book community with the tagline, "Read what you like.  Share what you write."  With this site you can read books, vote for your favorites, start a library, chat with other readers and writers, post comments, and share your writing.  Users can access Wattpad through the internet or through a mobile phone application.  Their application has been downloaded over five million times.  Here is a link telling more about their website and the results of their latest metrics report.
Goodreads- You can do many of the same things on Goodreads that you can on Wattpad.  Both Wattpad and Goodreads allow you to download and upload e-books.
LibraryThing- another community site that has been compared to "Facebook for books."
MobileRead- forums for discussion more about e-book formats and e-book news, but still useful.  MobileRead also has a Wiki, which includes a spot for book reviews.  I found some useful information on their Wiki, including leading me to places to find e-books online and in my community.  The book review part of the Wiki has not had a lot of work done, but it could be useful if more people would contribute.
Local e-book clubs- some people are gathering together to discuss e-books in their communities.  One of these groups is the Kindle E-Book Reading Club at the Louisville Free Public Library.  They meet once each month to discuss tips and shortcuts for the Kindle, while reading a free download together each month.
Specific focus e-book clubs- people are forming e-book clubs that focus on a certain area of interest, such as a Punk Rock Permaculture e-book club.

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