Friday, May 27, 2011

Charlotte Brontë: Pedagogy In The Classroom and In Jane Eyre

My purpose is to explore Project MUSE, a literary database, to learn more about the connection between Charlotte Brontë and education

Project MUSE. A database containing over 200 journals involving humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.

I searched Project MUSE for '"Jane Eyre" and pedago*.'  The article, "The Education of Charlotte Bronte: A Pedagogical Case Study," was the top result.

Here is the citation for the article:
Lonoff, Sue. "The Education of Charlotte Brontë: A Pedagogical Case 
     Study." Pedagogy 1.3 (2001): 457. Print. 

I learned more about Charlotte Brontë's personal education, why she chose to learn the things that she did, how her novels included both self-teaching and classroom lessons, and the similarity between her and her siblings' individual learning styles.

For me, one of the main purposes for reading is to learn, whether that is something about the world or something about yourself.  This article shows that Charlotte shared those same feelings.  I am excited to apply this article to my interpretation of Jane Eyre.

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